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IoT platform MAESTRO
Access data from machines quickly, safe and easily and connect to a platform with dashboard.

Maestro is an IoT platform developed on Azure components that provides end-to-end integration across operational, strategic and tactical data flows. For example, sensors and machines can be managed and monitored remotely, alarms and notifications can be generated and there is a dashboard to make all this transparent for users.

With MAESTRO you can manage your assets smartly,  remote monitor all your machines and carry out updates at the touch of a button.

For example, you can advise your customers on the best product composition or how they can use machines better and more efficiently. With predictive maintenance you are able to perform smart maintenance by looking ahead, so you can support your customer as much as possible and increase the uptime of your machines. The application of MAESTRO can ensure that your customer no longer pays for the machine that they purchase, but pay-per-use.

MAESTRO platform make it is possible to enrich data from, for example: ERP,- CRM,- EAM-, or MES-systems with real-time operational data. This creates an total overview of the available data from your organization and allows you to achieve optimum efficiency.

It is possible to integrate MAESTRO for this and connect it with, for example: a current data lake. All necessary operational data for analysis and process improvements can be transferred from MAESTRO to the existing data lake.

Dashboard MAESTRO

Some other advantages of MAESTRO:

  • A safe and scalable solution
  • Calculate the effects of production decisions with a Digital Twin
  • Extensive Analytics Capabilities with Machine Learning
  • Management modules for API’s, users and assets
  • Responsive design with integrated IoT Edge technology
  • 24/7 support in case of malfunctions and assistance with implementation and use

Some usecases:

  • Earlier insight into malfunctions
  • Predicting maintenance needs
  • Lower service costs
  • Increase Uptime
  • Remote management
  • Update cheaper and on time


Curious how valuable IoT is for your organization? Request a demo of our MAESTRO-platform. Within an our product owner Marc Heusdens will guide youtrough the platform, dashboard and functionalities. You will also be informed about applicability within different disciplines of your organization such as sales, IT, engineering and management. But also for other stakeholders, for example end-customers, suppliers and maintenance companies.

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Marc Heusdens

M: +31 6 520032 62



Curious about Axians MAESTRO? With MAESTRO ENTRY we offer the possibility to get acquainted with the platform in an accessible way:

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MAESTRO leaflet

With MAESTRO you get the most out of your machines

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Leaflet Fri-jado

Putting the possibilities of IoT into practice

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Connected Worlds leaflet
Flexible IoT-platform at Connected Worlds improves the living environment in Dutch cities 
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Roadmap IoT
From awareness to successful IoT operations
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Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Carlijn Donders

M: +31 6 257345 80

Raymond Janssen

M: +31 6 229463 15


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